About Us

Our Philosophy

DRM ILC focuses on training students that make that come from households making under $35,000 or who need short term career training because of other commitments in their life. These students can include:

  • High School graduates who are either preparing for college and want to get a jump-start on their career, or graduates who don’t have plans to attend, can’t afford to attend or don’t have the social support to successfully attend a 2-4year college or university but are still in need of career training. In 2009, 71% of Michigan residents aged 18-24 were NOT attending college.
  • College Students enrolled in a 4year university that are looking to bolster their resume with a state or national credential in their chosen industry or who are looking to gain work experience in their industry alongside their academic training. In 2007-2008 approx. 79% of undergraduates worked at least part-time.
  • Single Parents who are looking to receive accelerated career training. We are in the beginning stages of developing an on-site childcare program
  • Unemployed, underemployed & displaced workers who are looking for immediate training and entry into the construction or healthcare industry.
  • GED graduates looking to start a career. As of the 2015-2016 academic school year, Michigan had a high school dropout rate of 21%.


Accelerated Career Training

What sets DRM ILC apart from other state-licensed schools & training facilities that provide their students with training to receive state or nationally recognized credentials is that DRM provides its training over the course of days instead of weeks or months. Despite this, DRM ILC provides students with an amount of instructional time / instructional hours that is on par with most other colleges and vocational schools. However, because of our shortened program lengths, DRM does not qualify to receive Federal Student Aid / Grant money.


Affordable Career Training

To accommodate for the variability and sometimes unpredictability of our learner’s schedules, we provide our classes on days, nights & weekends. We also provide each of our classes on a monthly basis and entry points for our classes start approximately every two weeks. This allows our students the flexibility to choose a career training schedule that best fits their lifestyle.


Flexible Career Training

Because of the demographic that we service, DRM strives to provide training that is affordable for our students. Our class costs range from between $1,375 for a single class to approx. $7,000 for a combination of 2-3 classes taken together as a unit.


Employee Empowerment

Both before and after a student’s training is complete, DRM provides resources to assist our graduates in finding employment in their industry. This includes resume building skills, performing mock interviews, inviting local employers to class to discuss what they look for in prospective employees, externships (for students who qualify) and job referrals.


Interactive Instruction

DRM believes that students should have an active role in the learning process if they are to fully comprehend and acquire the core skills & knowledge specific to an occupation. Therefore, DRM instructors practice what we call “Interactive Instruction” that is designed to shift the learning process away from the traditional passive acquisition method to an active acquisition method. Interactive instruction requires the instructor to create novel learning activities that includes the student in each step of learning process.