Carpentry & Drywall Course


Course Length 4 Weeks

Class Type Lecture & Lab

Average Pay Range (Michigan) $11.07 – $16.82

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Requried Fees

We are required to run background checks on each student to ensure eligibility for employment. The outcome of this background check is private and will not affect your ability to receive training.

Required Health Screening

Students must provide proof of having undergone a Tuberculosis screening in order to the attend course.

Books & Supplies

Students have the option of purchasing supplies directly from DRM International Learning Center or from a third party.

Required Course Kit Fee

The Course Kit Fee covers the cost of the disposable items used by the student during training.

  • Payable Today:


    Future Payments:

    $1,165.50 due in 14 days
    $1,197.00 due in 28 days


Carpentry & Drywall

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Class Type Lecture & Lab

Tuition $3150 (books & supplies sold separately)

Average Pay Range (Michigan) $11.07 - $16.82

Class Description

The world around us was imagined, designed & constructed by people just like you… so why not do it yourself?

DRM International Learning Center, LLC’s Carpentry & Drywall course will prepare you to do that by teaching you the Fundamentals of Building Residential Structures.

Our 4-week course begins with an introduction of the Construction Industry where students will learn:

  • Basics of Identifying & Using Hand & Power Tools
  • Overview of Building Materials, Fasteners & Adhesives
  • Material Handling Techniques
  • Intro to Construction Math
  • Basics of Taking, Reading & Recording Measurements
  • How to Read & Interpret Construction Drawings (Blueprints), Specifications, Layouts & Building Codes
  • Handling & Placing Concrete
  • Basics of Construction Site Safety

Then students of DRM International Learning Center, LLC will then get hands-on construction experience by walking through the process of building a residential structure, from scratch, which includes:

  • Choosing & Assessing a Building Location (Site Preparation & Layout)
  • Trenching & Excavation Techniques
  • Foundation Laying
  • Constructing Floor, Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Roofing Techniques
  • Exterior Finishing
  • Installing Doors & Windows
  • Drywall Installation & Finishing
  • Installing Window, Door, Floor & Ceiling Trim (Interior Finishing)
  • Constructing Stairs
  • Installing Countertops, Cabinetry & Finish Trim

Upon completion of DRM International Learning Center’s Carpentry & Drywall course, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to work confidently on any residential or commercial building site. Our students will also be well positioned to take our Residential Builder’s Pre-Licensure course to become a state-licensed residential building contractor or carpenter.

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