CNA Certification Training



Day Class: 8am-4pm

Night Class: 2pm-10pm

Weekend Class (Sat & Sun only): 8am-4pm

Hours 92

Course Length 2 Weeks / 12 days

Class Type Lecture, Lab & Clinical

Average Pay (Michigan) $11.17 – $18.43 per hour

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Required Fees

We are required to run background checks on each student to ensure eligibility for employment. The outcome of this background check is private and will not affect your ability to receive training.

Required Training & Health Screening

Students must provide proof of having undergone a Tuberculosis screening in order to attend clinicals.

Books & Supplies

Students have the option of purchasing supplies directly from DRM International Learning Center or from a third party.

  • Payable Today:


    Future Payments:

    $460.65 due in 14 days
    $473.10 due in 28 days


CNA Certification

CNA Certification

Hours 92

Class Type Lecture, Lab, & Clinical

Tuition $1245 (Books and supplies provided separately)

Average Pay Range (Michigan) $11.17 - $18.43 per hour

Course Description

As a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) you will be a vital member of a patient’s overall healthcare team, which also includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists and dieticians. CNAs have the most direct contact with patients, and are often the first members of the healthcare team to notice changes in a patient’s physical, mental & emotional health.

Our 2-Week CNA Certification Course includes:

  • 34 hrs of lecture training
  • 34 hrs of lab training
  • 24 hrs of clinical training
  • CPR/First Aide training &
  • A workshop on how to market yourself to employers.
CNA certification training

After completing our CNA training program, you will be eligible to take the Prometric Certification Exam and become a Certified Nurse Aide registered with the State of Michigan. You will also have the skills necessary to apply for jobs in:

CNA Certification
  • Acute Care Centers
    • Hospitals
    • Medical facilities
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • Assisted living &
    • Adult foster care

If you’re a high school or GED graduate looking to start your career OR a pre-med or nursing student looking to gain clinical experience by working in the healthcare industry, then our 2-Week CNA Training Program is for you.

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