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CNA Certification Exam

What is the Prometric CNA Exam?

The Prometric CNA exam is the certifying test that qualifying nurse aides must take in order to become a Certified Nurse Aide or CNA. 

This exam is broken up into two portions – a written portion and a clinical, or hands-on portion.

Written Portion

  • Timed Exam (90 minutes)
  • 60 questions
    • 50 scored questions.
    • 10 un-scored questions (for example: name, date, etc.)

Clinical Portion

  • Hands-on
  • 5 nursing skills 
    • Chosen at random

Why should I take the Prometric Exam?

Taking & passing the Prometric CNA Exam allows you to officially become a Certified Nursing Assistant, and opens the door to employment opportunities that only certified & licensed healthcare professionals can take advantage of – such as in Hospitals & Nursing Homes.

It will also increase your hourly pay rate, with most CNAs seeing a $2 an hour increase over their non-certified counterparts. For a CNA working fulltime – that’s an extra $4,000 a year on average just for getting certified!

Do I qualify?

Students who pass a state-approved Nurse Aide training course such as the one offered at DRM International Learning Center with an 80% or better and receive at least 75 hours of classroom training are eligible to take the Nurse Aide Prometric Exam.

How much does the Prometric CNA Exam cost?

The cost to register for the Prometric CNA exam will vary depending on – the state in which you live and which portion of the test you’re taking, but the price is usually between $55 – $200 for both portions of the exam.

Written Portion Michigan


Clinical Portion Michigan


For more information on pricing, visit Prometric.

When should I take my Prometric CNA Exam?

We recommend taking your certifying exam as soon as possible after you complete your Nurse Aide training, but you will have up to 12 months (starting from the day you complete your course) to take & pass your Prometric Exam.

Where do I take my Prometric CNA Exam?

All Prometric CNA exams must be administered at a secured & proctored testing site. For a list of approved testing sites in your area, Click Here.

How do I register?

To register for your Prometric CNA Exam, visit Prometric and select your state to download an application. 

If your state allows you to apply online, there will be a link to the exam application on your state’s page. You’ll typically need a credit card to complete the online application.

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