Refund Policy

A Background Check fee of not more than $35.00 and other administration fees may be retained by DRM International Learning Center, if the application is denied.  Requests for refunds and withdrawals must be made in writing. Approved refunds shall be returned within 30 business days. DRM International Learning Center performs background checks prior to acceptance. As a result of a prospective employer’s own policies and procedures the prospective employer of students seeking employment may conduct further checks outside/in addition to what DRM International Learning Center uses.

Note: A refund from DRM is not applicable if the prospective employer retrieves information that prohibits the student from being employed or if a student fails to obtain an externship. All requests for a tuition REFUND must be made in writing (receipt of request need to be acknowledged by staff) one week prior to start of course. Students who start the training and choose to withdraw for any reason are not eligible for refund. Refund policy is the same for all courses. Delays may occur in processing if an enrollee has not provided the school with a current address. NOTE: Refunds may take up to 30 business days to process (does not include postal shipping).